Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Place Yilan - A Hotel next to the NCFTA, Luodong

A hotel next to the National Center for Traditional Arts - Luodong

This hotel complex is next to the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA). I would characterize this hotel as one for families that want to visit the NCFTA. While I did not stay there, the staff showed me a couple rooms. There rooms I saw had two bedrooms and a common area. Sometimes the second room will have a bunk bed. The d├ęcor looks like a cross between a college dorm (but a lot cleaner!) and modern Scandinavian. It’s a large complex that may involve some walking from the parking lot to the building. I did see a golf cart shuttle that looks available to help.  

It was explained to me that the buildings are owned by the government and every 12 years a hotel company receives a contract to remodel and operate them as a hotel. The Hotel Royal Group now has the contract.

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