Monday, October 23, 2017

Best way to Luodong/Yilan from Taipei - Bus!

I’m on a two-week trip around the island of Taiwan using public transportation. My goal is to show non-Chinese speaking visitors to Taiwan how easy it is to travel in Taiwan
Highway 5 fastest route to Yilan/Luodong

Day 1 Taipei to Luodong

Luodong was my first stop on my trip around Taiwan. I wanted to visit the National Center for Traditional Arts. A cultural theme park with shops and performances.  Getting to Luodong was very easy. I decided to go by bus since I heard taking Highway-5 is quicker than taking a train which first must go to Keelung then down the coast to Yilan/Luodong. I went to the Taipei City hall bus station which was very very clean and looked new. 

Huge croissants - so tempting
The huge croissants on the way to the information desk looked very tempting. At the information desk, I told the helpful person at the counter where I wanted to go and she directed me to a colleague who printed off a bus ticket. The ticket was NT$105 about US$3.50. Another advantage of travelling in Taiwan by public transportation is that it’s cheap! Also, before the bus door there was an Easy Card reader, so that is also an option. 

Information and ticket counter

Buses leave for Luodong every 10 minutes so I had a short wait at platform 13 for bus 1570.  Buses leave for Yilan at the same frequency. I was very impressed by how orderly and clean the station was. When the bus arrived, we were directed to the bus. 

US$3.50 Taipei to Luodong. Amazing!

Signs to platforms well marked in English

13 Platform to Luodong

Inside platform area

Easy Card reader
Very comfortable bus

The bus looked new and was very comfortable.

Taipei 101 - not a bad shot from a moving bus!

AC vent and light controls

Bus stop in front of Luodong station

Luodong bus terminal

There were few people on the bus during this weekday and after some traffic getting out of Taipei, Highway-5 it was smooth sailing!  It took about an hour to arrive at the Luodong bus station which was in front of the rear entrance to the train station. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice this experience was, but then again, I shouldn’t be because this is Taiwan where hospitality and customer service comes first.

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