Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why visit Taiwan?

Why visit Taiwan?

If you are a traveler from North America or Europe, chances are Taiwan is not on your map as a country to visit.  It should be! Three main reasons standout to me. Taiwan is a unique Asian country where there is a combination of Chinese and Japanese cultures. In many respects modern Taiwan has more in common with Japan than China due to five decades of occupation and influence before World War II. You can see the Japanese influence in the food and more importantly the respect and consideration shown by the Taiwanese people.  

Secondly, Taiwan is mostly mountainous. It's wonderful to experience the sights and tastes found in the cities, but the mountains are a short car or bus ride away. There are breathtaking views and when finished there is probably a hot spring nearby to relax in.

Lastly, Taiwan and its capital city Taipei are safe and easy to get around. Taipei has a great metro system that covers most parts of the city and where it doesn't taxis are clean, safe and cheap. There is a high speed train connecting the major cities on the west coast and most signs also have English. Many of the people in the big cities speak English, and if you ask them a question in English and they can't speak, they will find someone who can speak. It goes to the nature of the wonderful people of Taiwan.

In Taiwan, you can experience exotic Asian cultures, move around safely and easily, see wonderful landscapes, and be treated to exceptional Taiwanese hospitality. Why wouldn't you want to go?

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