Thursday, March 23, 2017

Taipei's Main Train Station

The Hub to all Things Good!

Welcome to Taipei Main station!

If you came from the airport by the MRT train, chances are you will end up at Taipei's Main train station. This is where you can connect to the High Speed Rail (HSR) system, the regular Taiwan Rail (TRA) and the excellent subway system (MRT). 

Luggage Storage

On the lower floor below the main floor and as you exit from the MRT train that came from Taoyuan airport, you will find coin operated luggage storage lockers. Cost is $70NT for 3 hous minimum and a 3 day maximum. Read carefully the instructions and any penalty for lost ticket. There is a help desk for the lockers that is only manned in the morning.

Luggage locker help with change machine
Luggage locker help and lockers
Train station luggage lockers

Instructions to use the coin operated luggage lockers

Tourist Information Help

There are two information desks on the main floor of the train station. As you look toward the ticket purchase counters, you will see information on the left.  This is for train schedules only not general tourist information. Tourist information has a small desk around the corner from this desk.

Ticket counters with train information desk only

Tourist information desk just around the corner


On the second floor you will find the best variety of food of any train station I have ever seen. You have nice restaurants with table service to food courts where you order at the counter. There are bakeries and a Starbucks!

Atrium view of part of the second floor food court
One of the food courts on the second floor

South entrance to Main Taipei station

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