Monday, March 20, 2017

MRT Train Now Available from Airport!

MRT Train Now Available from Airport!
March 2017 by Tom Olmsted

Well marked signs to and from airport
It's been many years coming, but there is now direct train service from Taipei Taiwan's Taoyuan international airport. It's about a 25 minute ride to the Main train station from Terminal 1. It also leaves from Terminal 2. Just follow the well marked signs in the terminal.  You will be going to a lower lever to pickup the train. 

Vending machines for tickets $NT160
Right now the fares from either terminal are NT80 one way, but will soon go up the the normal rate of NT160. It may be easiest to get a few hundred NT dollars from the airport so you can use the vending machines to get the single ride ticket or token. There is a manned information booth that can sell tickets, but the line was long. If you have a Taipei EASYCARD with a balance, that can also be used. Save your ticket.  It will be needed at the exit.

Manned ticket/information booth

Best to buy ticket from vending machine

The pink/purple color of the Express train
There are two types of trains leaving the airport. The Express train that makes only 2 stops before the Main train station of the Commuter train that makes 8 stops along the way. The stops are well marked above the train entrance and the trains are different colors. The Express is a Pink/Purple color.

The seats are comfortable, but not a lot of legroom if you are tall.
There are racks for luggage at the ends of each car.

The stops are clearly marked in the train

Exit by going up the escalators to the Main train station. Remember, in Taiwan, if you stand on the escalator, keep to the right so people can pass you on the left. Signage is clearly marked in English. Keep going straight to the Main train station. Follow other signs for taxis. If you are staying in the downtown Taipei area, it will probably be best to get a taxi to your hotel. They are cheap. Drivers won's speak English, so have your hotel information, preferably in Chinese characters.  You will also need cash. $400NT (about $14US) should get you anywhere in the city proper. Probably a lot less. 

Do you have time to kill before taking a High Speed Rail (HSR) train or are you hungry? Then head up to the 2nd floor of the Main train station to see the humongous selection of food restaurants and snacks!

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