Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Miniatures Museum – Another ‘Other’ Museum of Taipei

I have heard about this museum on previous visits to Taipei, but never had time to visit. The subject matter didn’t really interest me. I have seen dollhouses before with miniature furniture, but I was pleasantly surprised by this museum.

Look for this small sign outside

The office building entrance. Enter here.

Another sign outside pointing to the museum.

Take stairs or the elevator down to the museum.


The museum is in an unlikely place in an office building. Follow your Google Maps directions and when you find the building, head downstairs.  The security guard will direct you.

Many different displays.

Walking the plank!


Pay the entrance fee then head into the museum. What really surprised me was the number of “settings.” I used the word “settings” instead of dollhouses because there are more than just dollhouses. There are castles, miniature replicas of old buildings, and of course dollhouses.

"Oriental" room designed by a Westerner.

It was fun looking at all the detail of the little objects in the settings. Overall, it is a nice place to visit on a rainy or hot day. The nearest MRT station is Songjian-Nanjing.

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